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Subject: Tweak Your Blogs Now!


Dear Friend,

Google is starting to consider speed of a website when it comes to ranking for the search engines. If your site is running slow, you will fall off the rankings.

Now you can keep your blog running fast as ever. No slow down to you or your users.

Here is the article from the Official Google Blog

Wordpress 201: Turbo Charge Your Blog is next in my series of How-To Videos for wordpress.

It is a series of videos that show you how to streamline your blog for maximum power. It shows how to optimize your blog for maximum speed and usage. It also shows you how to perform regular maintenance to keep your blog running at full speed.

You get 14 quick, easy to follow, and brain-dead simple videos that show you how to optimize and streamline your blog for maximum speed and power.

The Wordpress 201 Videos Cover:
How to clean up your wordpress and keep it clean automatically
Little known database and caching tweaks
How manipulate wordpress settings for optimum performance
and much more!

Wordpress Is HOT Right Now. And So Is Video.

The latest version of Wordpress has been downloaded over 8+ MILLION times! Don't Believe Me?

There are over 22 million wordpress.com users! Don't Believe Me?

Youtube gets over 28,000+ hours of video uploaded per day! That's over 3 years worth of video per day! Don't Believe Me?

Video is the cutting edge of content right now and the best way to increase your perceived value, (and raise profits) is through video.


No more low quality PLR ruining your reputation
No more long winded videos to bore your list to sleep.
Save the time of having to make and edit all the videos yourself.
Revitalize your list with fresh cutting edge VIDEO content.
Sell (or give away!) with a MUCH HIGHER perceived value than standard PLR.

Don't You Want The Best Video For Your Buyers?

We use a universal standard format for the videos (mp4) so that there is no video conversion issues that only cause headaches.

We cut the videos down into bite-size chunks so that your users aren't bored with 30min+ videos that only put them to sleep.

We organize them so that you can pick and choose what you want to show your users.

All videos are optimized and formatted for YouTube, DailyMotion, Yahoo, MySpace, MetaCafe, Revver, Blip, Viddler, Facebook and many more.

All videos can be used with popular video distribution services such as Tube Mogul, Spread, and Video Bot.

What Can I Do With These Videos?
You can sell them at any price
You can convert them into any format
You can edit, manipulate, and splice them any way you want
You can offer them as a bonus
You can give them away for free
You can include them in membership sites
You can combine them with other offers
You can turn them into a DVD
You can claim yourself as the author or producer
You can sell them on Auction sites, such as eBay.
You can sell Private Label Rights
You can use it as free web content
You can upload them to video sites
You can pass on resale rights
You can pass on Master Resale Rights
You can pass on the source files to customers

Still Not Enough? How About Some Bonuses?

Bonus 1

Camrec Files Now you can use (and pass on) the original screen capture and project files for these videos. Now if you want to make changes, you can do so easily!

Bonus 2

Music Samples Also, I have included over 50 full instrumental music tracks to use with your videos if you wish to add music at the start and/or the end.

Bonus 3
WP Plugins Ever wonder what the best plugins were to make your blog your own personal powerhouse? I have included over 30 plugins that you can use right out of the box so you can setup and have your own personal powerblog within minutes!

Bonus 3

Themes Now you can make your blog truly shine with these great premium themes. Make yourself look like a pro instantly!


Isn't It Time You Started Giving Your Buyers Some Great Quality PLR Worth Owning?

With this package you'll get:
14 laser targeted, ready-to-use videos on the most popular subject on the Internet right now, Wordpress!
14 Camtasia Camrec Source Files
50 MP3 Music Clips
50 Wordpress Premium Themes to make your blogs come to life!
30+ Vital Wordpress Plugins no blog should do without.
A Copy of this Salesletter
Private Label Rights to the whole package

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To Your Success,
Marc Meole


Your Private Label Rights:
[Yes] Can be sold
[Yes] Can be converted to any format
[Yes] Can be edited
[Yes] Can be offered as a bonus
[Yes] Can be included in "paid" membership sites
[Yes] Can be combined with other offers.
[Yes] Can be turned into a DVD
[Yes] Can claim yourself as the author or producer of the audio.
[Yes] Can sell on eBay.com.
[Yes] Can pass Private Label Rights
[Yes] Can be used as free web content
[Yes] Can be given away free
[Yes] Can be uploaded to YouTube or other video hosting sites.
[Yes] Can Pass Resale Rights
[Yes] Can Pass Master Resale Rights
[Yes] Can pass the source code files along to customers.

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